1st Cut ~ Pesach Lamb Chops

Chef Moshe Benyair
Lamb is a perfect fit for a healthy diet, because lamb contains many essential nutrients. On an average, a 3 ounce serving of lamb has only 175 calories, qualifying it as lean meat. The delicious smell of lamb cooking reminds me of Erev Pesach waiting to get through the Hagadah to start eating that delicious dish.


4 – 3/4 inch thick Hartmans Signature 1st cut lamb chops
1 tablespoon parsley flakes
4 garlic minced
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/4 cup of minced shallots
1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar
3/4 cup Hartmans Signature chicken broth (soup)


In a bowl, combine parsley, minced garlic, salt, and pepper. The rub each lamb chop on both sides. Place the chops on a plate set aside or in the fridge for 15-30 minutes so the flavors absorb into the lamb.

Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Place lambs chops into the skillet and cook for about 3.5 minutes per side for medium rare, or continue to cook until desired doneness. Remove from the skillet and keep warm on a serving platter.

Add shallots to the skillet and cook for a few minutes just until brown. Stir in vinegar, scraping any bits of lamb from the bottom of the skillet, and then stir in chicken broth.

Continue to cook and stir over medium heat for about 5 minutes, until the sauce has been reduced by half, so that it is not liquid. Remove from heat pour over the lamb chops.

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