Main Dishes

Healthy & Tasty Beef Stir Fry

This classic stir fry recipe is a take on the famous Chinese take out item. When ordering a stir fry from a local Chinese restaurant, it...

Super Tender Shoulder Roast with Pearl Onions in Beer Broth

This type of roast is very low in fat and highly economical without sacrificing flavor. It soaks up any flavors that it is braised in. By...

Chicken Roasted with Artichokes, Tomatoes & Capers

A delicious and healthy recipe featuring a wide range of flavours that are surprisingly easy to prepare.

Shoulder Roast

Classic Shoulder Roast

The Shoulder Roast is one of the tougher cuts of meat which benefits economically without sacrificing any flavor. Using this long and slow...

Pickled Salmon

Pickled Salmon

A tasty appetizer alternative to gefilte fish.

Frank's Red Hot! Hot & Tangy Wings

Hot & Tangy Wings

Born in Louisiana but destined for buffalo wings everywhere, Frank's remains a favorite, not for its heat but for its balanced...

Asian Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

Asian Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

If you like chicken wings, you'll love this Asian Honey BBQ Chicken Wings recipe! Starting with a good marinade is key to great wings...

BULL'S-EYE Beef Stew

BULL'S-EYE Beef Stew

A great slow-cooker meal with lots of flavour.

Grilled Lamb Kebobs on Cinnamon Sticks

Grilled Lamb Kebobs on Cinnamon Sticks

This is a great way to showcase a great lamb dish with some Moroccan touches. The Lamb mixture is pressed onto a long cinnamon stick which...


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