Yom Tov Meals

Apricot Preserve Oven Baked Chicken

I've prepared this recipe featuring Aunt Berta's Apricot Preserves. The secret of Aunt Berta’s recipe is in the cooking...

Speedy Coq Au Vin

For a poultry choice you really want something that stays moist and Jamie's Speedy Coq Au Vin has just enough wine to do the trick.

Hanger Steak - Pan Seared, Marinated w/Peppers & Onion

Hanger steaks have become extremely popular in recent years (you may have noticed how expensive they have become as a result). They aren’t...

Sweet and Sour Veal Roast

When looking for a recipe to feed a Seder Table with grandparents, teens and toddlers, this recipe pleases them all! Everyone has a...

1st Cut ~ Pesach Lamb Chops

Lamb is a perfect fit for a healthy diet, because lamb contains many essential nutrients. On an average, a 3 ounce serving of lamb has only...

Sweet Sliced Tongue

Bring out your favorite bottle of wine with this dish, we prefer a Merlot

Garlic Roasted Mini Yams with Chimichuri

This is a great side dish using mini yams. Yams are so versatile and much lighter than its main competitor – the potato. The bright...

Stuffed Chicken with Kishka

This recipe is chosen as a finalist in the chicken recipe contest. Prep Time : 10 min Cook Time : 45 min Ready Time : 55 min

Beer Braised Brisket

This beer braised brisket is made easy in the slow cooker. Add 1- 2 cups beef broth for added depth of flavor.

Brisket - simplest recipe!

Here is an important tip before you try this sure fire hit; keep the vent- fan in your kitchen off or the neighbors will be knocking on...


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